The word 'WEALTH' has its roots in the old English words 'Weal' meaning 'well-Being' and 'Th' meaning 'Condition', which taken together means 'The Condition of Well-Being'.

Genuine wealth is an accounting of Life: a window into the deepest realm of Your being, a mirror image of Your genuine 'Self'.

Money is a fundamental aspect of your human expereince on this Earth, therefore bringing the energy of money into alignment with your genuine power, your natural will to act, will open up your life in unimaginably powerful ways. You will discover that all your old ideas about money and what you thought it was will vanish like morning mist. You will create your own meaning and live life on your terms.

The root of 'Abundance' is to Flow - to move in waves... The flow of wealth through your life is the aim of The Money Shaman.

You are here to learn something that will bring your visions to life in powerful and unexpected ways. You are here to learn how to generate money, opportunities and the courage to be who you truly need to be in the world.

LAUNCHING SOON - The Money Shaman's




Unlike a dry linear system, a 'Living System' responds to and uses whatever is available. Nature is a Living System: your body is a Living System. In this respect Living Systems have a tangible 'intelligence'.

The Living Wealth System will use whatever your situations and circumstances may be to create Wealth - as you apply the system to your life you will begin to create money where previously you had nothing but frustration and stress.

The Living Wealth System is specifically designed to move and shape your life towards Financial Wealth through establishing a constant flow of money - a liquidity - to meet whatever needs you wish to meet. You can adjust that flow of money as you become more adept at living a Life of Wealth.

It will enable you to approach your creative projects and ideas is a radically different way.

An emergent phenomena of using the Living Wealth System is that you will also notice how your life starts to become enriched - wealthy - in other ways such as emotionally wealthy, as you are no longer stuck in false assumptions and limiting stories about who you are and what's possible. A radically different, more 'alive' and 'empowered' YOU will form naturally as you use the system.